Edward Snowden for President 2024

Edward Snowden is a real hero: principled, courageous, humane. Listen to the interview with him today on Democracy Now. For the hour. Click on the name, “Edward Snowden.” All his enemies, like those of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, are vituperative, vindictive, low-lives, pawns of historical forces they don’t even recognize, let alone understand. That … More Edward Snowden for President 2024

Cure for Internet Trolls

I haven’t posted since October 2 (designing my Patreon “Capture! The Nearsighted Seer” page and learning to use MailChimp has gobbled up my time). But in the meantime: Ali Spagnola’s video response to internet trolls deserves everyone’s attention. (It was Ali’s musical talent that turned me on to Patreon!) Enjoy!

SINISTER DYNAMIC: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature

Vol. 1 The Axis of History Vol. 2 Teachable Moments Vol. 3 The Challenge: Redefining Work, Equality & Authority Dennis Weiser takes the reader on a thoughtful journey through American literature, the American psyche, political history, and ecological history, showing how the Puritans’ obsession with civilizing nature has led us to build an economy that … More SINISTER DYNAMIC: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature

For My Father

Last night while reading Orthodoxy in Massachusettsand listening to a radio talk show aboutthe sources of “creativity” and the ubiquityof genius in America, home of the fortunate deluded,I fell into a swoon, a trancein which I saw the sad face of my father.Transported deep within myself I dreamedalthough awake and conscious of the images I … More For My Father


After bone-wrenching battle of vanquished dreams in which my body’s bag was born, torn and tamed by drenching rains as lightning nightmare made my hair curl, there came a cool and conscious light of dawn. Rising—more colliding—I collapsed and gasped my way, I took the soaked imaginings of my hide to the far end of … More THE GARDEN SPIDER

Notice to Followers

For the next few weeks, I will only be posting once a week on Wednesday. This is because I am busily creating and fine-tuning TLC, a new platform to familiarize and engage a wider audience with my original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.