US and Iran: a little history

THE UNITED STATES, in its infinite wisdom, directed the CIA in 1953 to overthrow the democratically-elected prime minister of Iran, Muhammad Mossadegh, replacing him with its puppet Shah of Iran Reza Pahlevi. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later British Petroleum and BP) didn’t like Mossadegh nationalizing Iran’s oil industry, as if Iran’s natural resources somehow belonged to the Iranian people (I mean, the nerve!) rather than US and UK corporations. The UK’s secret spy service MI6 was complicit with the CIA in orchestrating the coup d’état. Next, the CIA provided the Shah’s secret thug police force SAVAK with all the Black Ops, torture and assassination training needed to stifle dissent and brutally repress the  Iranian people. This went on for twenty-six years until in 1979 the people overthrew the hated Shah, and took sixty-six Americans hostage. All sixty-six hostages were freed January 20, 1981. None were harmed. As punishment for the unmitigated gall of Khomeini and the Iranian people in taking Americans hostage, President Ronald Reagan buddied up with Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein, pumping millions in cash and weaponry (including illegal chemical weapons) to Iraq, instigating an internecine war in the Middle East that lasted eight years. (This probably explains why Saddam Hussein didn’t believe his good US “friend” and ally President George H. W. Bush would actually launch a war against him in 1991.) A perfect example of how the United States works to bring about peace in the Middle East, this permissive alliance with Iraq for insatiable blood-revenge against Iran marks the Reagan Presidency as among the most asinine, short-sighted, and counterproductive regimes in modern US history.

MULTINATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS (MNCs and TNCs) do not respect the sovereignty of nations, not even that of the United States. Corporate culture as such is busily engaged in targeting sovereignty and the rule of law at every level. The goal: to replace them with financially-controlled, corporate-managed, marketing and branding propaganda machines. The sole motive: profit-maximization. The corporate consolidation of media has been central to accomplishing this plan.

THE PEOPLE OF IRAN AND IRAQ are historically the most highly educated in the Middle East. Does this suggest anything about America’s opinion of education (or intellectuals)? Instead of sucking up to an ignorant murdering pack of thugs like the House of Saud and an equally murderous totalitarian regime in Israel, why don’t we apologize to the people of both beleaguered Shia nations for our past sins, crimes, and blindness. We are living up to the standard Adolf Hitler admired about America when he said: “They really know how to handle undesirables.” The US must rejoin the Iran Nuclear Agreement and Paris Climate Agreement immediately. All the sanctions against Iran should be permanently lifted, the utterly deranged corporate-and-foundation-driven Pentagon policy of “Expeditionary Economics” abandoned.

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