The Challenge: Implementing Arendt’s Solution

He who would fix the pattern of decision by confining the American choice to one and only one mode of response—whether this be in politics, diplomacy, economics, literary form, or morality itself—such a one, in the light of our history, is the “truly Un-American.”
—Perry Miller (1967)

Only if citizens can recover their heritage of revolutionary freedom through political action and reassert their sovereign Constitutional authority to determine the kind of society they wish to live in, by organizing a deliberate campaign of targeted goals to a) remove the dead weight of self-serving miscreants from all three branches of government, starting with local city councils, boards of alderman and supervisors, county or regional offices, then the statehouses and finally working their way up to legislative, judiciary and executive branches, b) replacing at local, state and national levels every official chosen by economic, professional, scientific, religious, social or artistic criteria with peers chosen according to the ten strictly political criteria and standards of excellence described by Hannah Arendt.

It is high time that America had a renewed vision of itself. The vision described here is actually embedded in our sacred political documents and exemplified by our history from its earliest aspiration of the Puritans in Massachusetts to Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and March for Life.

It is time we stopped letting conservatives, liberals, nationalists, demagogues, and fascists define “public happiness” as “private welfare” and saw America’s “new conservatism” for the political aberration that it is, namely: a way of redefining Thomas Jefferson’s “pursuit of happiness.” For many of the reasons I have enumerated, most people (I think it safe to say) cannot imagine a world without money, currency, and capital. “To believe in the inconceivable is very difficult for most of us. Trying to convince someone else to believe almost seems impossible. You think you are too old to believe in the impossible. All you have to do is open your mind. Listen very closely. For this is your story.”

I am hardly going out “on a limb” when I say that, unless we adopt Arendtian politics as our model and standard for pursuing revolutionary freedom through authentic political action in our local communities, we will never get the results that the American people long to achieve: social justice, an end to gun violence, single payer health care, free education, an end to climate disruption and the ultimate reversal of global warming. All of these achievements and many others beside depend upon our dismantling supranational corporate entities, conglomerates, and cartels, as a prerequisite to putting our economy on a sound foundation. That this will ultimately require replacing all currencies with a flexible form of solar units from which the profit motive has been detached by design is as certain as the unanimous cooperation of every nation, people, and tribe on the planet is a necessary precondition for our doing so. Such a step is already pointed to by a variety of factors: the rise in the use of credit and debit cards over cash, the growing prevalence of alternative money such as Berkshire dollars, the proliferation of bitcoins and block-chain technology, the failure of the monetary market “anti-economy” and central banks. The supremacy of profit-maximization as motive and supposed justifier of capitalism, socialism, fascism, and the squalid use of trillions in QE funds to create the illusion of entrepreneurial economic growth is ultimately doomed to fail at propping up a disintegrating US and global economy (the real fruit of the 2007-08 Wall Street meltdown and bailout).

Until we start systematically choosing and electing our political leaders according to genuinely political standards, we can only expect more of the same, regularly repackaged and rebranded. In the interest of facilitating this process of self-renewing political life, next Tuesday, August 27, I will describe five prerequisites for pursuing this wholly new form of government and next Wednesday, August 28, set forth eight rules to effectively enact and implement the experience of genuine politics I have dubbed “Arendtian.”

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