SINISTER DYNAMIC: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature

Vol. 1 The Axis of History Vol. 2 Teachable Moments Vol. 3 The Challenge: Redefining Work, Equality & Authority

Dennis Weiser takes the reader on a thoughtful journey through American literature, the American psyche, political history, and ecological history, showing how the Puritans’ obsession with civilizing nature has led us to build an economy that turns “resources” into pollution as quickly as is humanly possible. Along the way, we also learn a great deal about the roots of American corporatism and militarism. Sinister Dynamic applies old-fashioned scholarship to the rather urgent problem of saving the planet from our species’ unbounded material optimism; the result is illuminating, harrowing, and motivating.

Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, author of The End of Growth

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