Money is Impotent to Effect Meaningful Change

Here begins the first of seven elementary points about America’s current situation

Money is not the way to improve the lot of humankind, society, or the nation-state; much less do God’s will on earth.

Capital—currencies—money is not the way, certainly not “the preeminent way to do God’s will on earth;” and it is not the way to improve the life of humankind or individuals, the condition of state and society, or advance human civilization. The votes, unfortunately, are all in, the evidence compelling. Really, all you have to do is to look at the growing global inequality gap and income shift upward to the very wealthiest corporations and individuals, and ask yourself: where are the wars of globalization taking place? Answer: among the poorest countries in the world: in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and several prior colonies of the European empires in Africa. And poor countries like Haiti and Puerto Rico are regularly raped economically and physically by large corporations and U.S. government; rehearsals, you might say, for what they plan to do—are already doing—to the middle class, workers, the working poor, minorities, women, and unemployed.

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