Transnational Corporations Responsible for Unleashed Destruction

Transnational corporations with supranational ambitions of total global domination are the chief vehicle responsible for all the unleashed destruction of wars, disease, forced migration, and the spread of moral and political corruption today.

It began in nineteenth-century America with a corporate-funded “massive reconstruction of Nature,” the way having been prepared by an eighteenth-century “Age of Optimism” and the untimely confidence of the Enlightenment, giddy with the incipient use of the scientific order of things to exploit the vast natural resources of the Americas. The USA is now the leading manufacturer and seller of weapons of mass destruction worldwide; its economy has been a war economy at least since World War II, if not the Civil War. The United States of America is currently waging war in a dozen different countries. What is Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics? NDAA? The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT? The US Intelligence Conglomerate now consists of 17 separate agencies. Divide and Conquer, huh? Such now preside like thieves dividing their booty over the systematic amputation, dissection, and division of the separable pieces of the civil polity once called “the last best hope of Earth” And the electorate squabbling over a meaningless right to vote as if heralding a sporting event, while the corporatist oligarchy counts the days until human governance is lost in a mythic fog, succeeded by a feudal horde of Apple and Amazon nations.

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