Three Things Happened in the Twentieth Century That Over-Determined Subsequent Events:

Psychological warfare emerging from World War II combined with a “command-and-control” model of communication to dominate education, research, journalism, media, military, intelligence, and philanthropic funding sources, exercising a commanding influence over U.S. policy, domestic and foreign.

The “Golden Age of Science Fiction” (1900-1951) effectively blurred the boundaries between genuine science and the increasingly popular new literary genre, setting the stage for a proliferation of pseudoscience (ultimately including “fake news”). “What man wills, man can do” is—tellingly—a quote from Hugo Gernsback, the “father of science fiction,” who also said “Science fiction…must forecast the wonders of man’s progress to come.” The new genre recapitulates all seven false assumptions constituting the ideology of ECC (See February 26 Posting).

A major outcome of all the above, Advertising Jargon and Strategic Marketing campaigns replaced the traditional language of moral and political discourse, setting the stage not merely for domination of the media by corporate propaganda designed to fulfill exclusively corporatist goals of dismantling or co-opting governmental structures, hijacking all public space and infiltrating local governance and communities, but also and primarily for engineering the seeming inevitability of supranational corporate global rule.

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