Noam Chomsky on Corporate Tyranny

From a recent interview on Democracy Now:

Take the current giveaway to corporations. It should be accompanied by conditionalities — term we’re familiar with from the IMF. They should be required to ensure that there will be no more use of tax havens, there will be no more stock buybacks, period. If they don’t do that, with a firm guarantee, no money from the public.

Is that utopian? Not at all. That was the law, and the law was enforced, up until Ronald Reagan, who turned on the spigot to rob as much as you like, with Milton Friedman and other luminaries in the background telling him, “That’s liberty.” “Liberty” means rob the public massively by things like tax havens and stock buybacks.

According to “a study in the Lancet, one of the leading medical journals,” said Noam Chomsky on April 17, our health care system’s “annual costs to Americans are close to half a trillion dollars and 68,000 lives lost. That’s not so small.”

And while you’re at it, listen to this Global Trade Watch podcast:

Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach

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