Let them answer this conundrum if they can: The only thing you can ever hunt for is what has been given you.
–Perry Miller “John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress”

TLC / THE LAST CALVINIST is about what is missing from the United States of America, what has been missing for a very long time. Gracious Consent is about America and religion. Religion and science. Science and morality. Most Americans have no idea what they even mean by the word GOD. Most Americans have no idea what the actual religious history of this country is or how it shaped our political institutions and general culture. As a consequence of our national ignorance, most Americans loathe and despise religion, especially organized religion, and Christianity above all. The Last Calvinist Weblog is devoted to changing all this and to bringing every American man, woman, and child up to speed on what this country, its history and culture, its tragedies and authentic achievements, its perplexity and its promise signify for our people and for people throughout the rest of the world.