Profile: D. C. Weiser

D. C. Weiser The Last Calvinist

Dennis Charles (D. C.) Weiser’s articles, poems and stories have appeared in Chouteau Review, New Letters, Abramelin: The Journal of Poetry and Magick, p.r.n., Literary Juice, Truthout, Five-Two: Crime Poetry Weekly, The Legendary, The Sixth Surface: Steven Holl Lights the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and several anthologies from Outrider Press. He earned his Liberal Arts BA at Westminster College in 1978 and his Master of Arts in Philosophy at The University of Kansas in 1991. He participated in the St. Louis Public School system’s Sputnik-inspired “Accelerated Learning” (or “Gifted”) program in the 1950s and 60s, an early version of STEM training. Dennis is a former weekly columnist for The Kansas City Business Journal and book reviewer for NPR affiliate KCUR-FM in Kansas City, Missouri, where he has lived since 1981. “Excellence” (Editor Bret Funk dubbed it “Twilight Zone-esque”) was the featured “Original Fiction” in the April 2004 issue of Sci-fi fantasy webzine, The Illuminata. In 2004 an excerpt from Crash Dummies (“Tzytzyan Ysalane”) won First Prize for Prose Fiction at the Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago. In 2012 his Sci-fi fantasy satire The Third Awakening was crowd-funded and released worldwide as a free e-book at Creative Commons (The Third Awakening was the second book and the first novella to be published via D. C. Weiser is the author of fourteen books, including a memoir, ALLEGORY: A Child of The ’Sixties, and the nonfiction trilogy Sinister Dynamic: Global Governance And The Reconstruction Of Nature. On 27 October 2019, Dennis and UMKC Theater Arts graduate Chelsey Tighe performed selected readings from The Song of Strawberry: The Poetry of D. C. Weiser at the Uptown Arts Bar. Dennis has given readings at Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, Duff’s Irish Pub, Prospero’s Books, Venice Café, The Writers Place, and Westminster College. Print editions of his books may be purchased online at the 3RD AWAKENING BOOKSTORE. The Hungry Chimera, a print and online magazine, published Dennis’s adventure-romance “The Last Whale” in its première issue March 1, 2017. His latest publication is New Institutes: A Primer of Practical Theology for Twenty-First-Century America (Wipf and Stock / Resource Publications, 2019). D. C. Weiser is now seeking a publisher for his third novel and screen adaptation of The Soul Snatcher of Java, an account of William [Sherlock] Scott [Holmes]’s first criminal investigation. D. C. Weiser is currently working on a book about nineteenth-century revivalism and advertising, a new book of poetry, and a science fiction-horror novel ZYGOTE.