Cure for Internet Trolls

I haven’t posted since October 2 (designing my Patreon “Capture! The Nearsighted Seer” page and learning to use MailChimp has gobbled up my time). But in the meantime: Ali Spagnola’s video response to internet trolls deserves everyone’s attention. (It was Ali’s musical talent that turned me on to Patreon!) Enjoy!

Notice to Followers

For the next few weeks, I will only be posting once a week on Wednesday. This is because I am busily creating and fine-tuning TLC, a new platform to familiarize and engage a wider audience with my original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.


Junior wanted money, Judy wanted time, so they saved their pennies & they learned to rhyme. I have a little money,I have a little time.I render unto Caesarthe fruits of Caesar’s crime.So Junior got his MBAwhile Judy stuck to rhyme.Now Judy’s making moneywhile Junior’s doing time.


The Puritans had something right: when confronted with adversity, the whole society took the responsibility upon itself, every individual, regardless of position or status, as God’s punishment for their collective sins. The Puritans knew how to respond. Shipboard fasts repeatedly saved the vanguard of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from the peril of storms and seasickness. … More THE PURITANS HAD SOMETHING RIGHT

Jonathan Edwards’s Achievements – Part One

If Roger Williams framed the parameters of our cultural conundrum concerning religious and intellectual freedom, Jonathan Edwards posed one of the central problems confronting our civilization: the conflict between egalitarian public welfare and utilitarian commercial expansion. It should not surprise us that this conflict, couched in terms of Christian morality, signaled a rift in both … More Jonathan Edwards’s Achievements – Part One


Ta-Nehisi Coates was absolutely right to take chide Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his ignorance of America’s actual heritage of collective moral responsibility. “We are American citizens and thus bound to a collective enterprise that extends beyond our individual and personal reach.” Reparations, Coates observed, are “a dilemma of inheritance.” McConnell’s evasive cop-out has the … More ON REPARATIONS


Sorry I’m late today with the post but have been listening to Mueller’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary and House Intelligence committees regarding his report on the investigation into Russian involvement in the Trump election of 2016. On the basis of today’s testimony, the American Electorate is obliged to see that Donald Trump does not … More AMERICAN VISION: THE BETRAYAL OF POSTERITY

US and Iran: a little history

THE UNITED STATES, in its infinite wisdom, directed the CIA in 1953 to overthrow the democratically-elected prime minister of Iran, Muhammad Mossadegh, replacing him with its puppet Shah of Iran Reza Pahlevi. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later British Petroleum and BP) didn’t like Mossadegh nationalizing Iran’s oil industry, as if Iran’s natural resources somehow belonged … More US and Iran: a little history


(for PERRY MILLER)We have wandered, we have come through dark terrain to this place against great odds. The greater odds of our fear whispered”doubt is lord” and sought to murder resolve.But we overcame it, hurling up shadowslike mountains each way we turned.We were starved for the light,hungry men whom manna could not feed.Instead of erecting … More AMERICA


from The SONG OF STRAWBERRY I have not forgotten, nor will I,whatever diligence the world exactsby way of daily lifelong toil from me:hours of suffering memory survivedin slave camps of the mind,which are too the world’s;pain of getting one place from another,carrying stones; the long review of facestoo familiar to remember, of violet eyespassing out … More Brigit