Corporatism Is The Last Ideology Of The West

Underpinning and supposedly justifying this ideology, the ritual sacrament known as competition was largely a product of nineteenth-century Revivialism, the consequence of the mass psychological transformation of the religious covenant into a means of instilling a sense of unity by arousing and manipulating strong emotions; it is thus an indirect legacy of Puritanism, though Jonathan … More Corporatism Is The Last Ideology Of The West

The Challenge: Implementing Arendt’s Solution

He who would fix the pattern of decision by confining the American choice to one and only one mode of response—whether this be in politics, diplomacy, economics, literary form, or morality itself—such a one, in the light of our history, is the “truly Un-American.” —Perry Miller (1967) Only if citizens can recover their heritage of … More The Challenge: Implementing Arendt’s Solution