Edward Snowden for President 2024

Edward Snowden is a real hero: principled, courageous, humane. Listen to the interview with him today on Democracy Now. For the hour. Click on the name, “Edward Snowden.” All his enemies, like those of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, are vituperative, vindictive, low-lives, pawns of historical forces they don’t even recognize, let alone understand. That … More Edward Snowden for President 2024

Introduction: Hannah Arendt and the Council System

Hannah Arendt is perhaps most highly regarded for her insights into political authority and totalitarianism, her critiques of Western philosophy and modernity (especially her blistering criticism of the “social sciences”). Hannah Arendt’s defense of politics as uniquely humanizing and ennobling rests on her conviction that, for “the realm of human affairs,” opinion is more fundamental … More Introduction: Hannah Arendt and the Council System