For My Father

Last night while reading Orthodoxy in Massachusettsand listening to a radio talk show aboutthe sources of “creativity” and the ubiquityof genius in America, home of the fortunate deluded,I fell into a swoon, a trancein which I saw the sad face of my father.Transported deep within myself I dreamedalthough awake and conscious of the images I … More For My Father


A 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that 63 percent of Americans profess absolute belief in God (with Evangelical Protestants at 88 percent, edged out of the lead only by Historically Black Protestants at 89 percent). In 2015 Pew found a modest decline among Americans who profess belief in God, pray daily and attend church … More AMERICANS HATE RELIGION AND ABANDONED THEIR POLITICAL HERITAGE


The Puritans had something right: when confronted with adversity, the whole society took the responsibility upon itself, every individual, regardless of position or status, as God’s punishment for their collective sins. The Puritans knew how to respond. Shipboard fasts repeatedly saved the vanguard of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from the peril of storms and seasickness. … More THE PURITANS HAD SOMETHING RIGHT


I suppose most Americans subscribe to the belief that every new technology serves to expand or enhance their free will and therefore their freedom—at best a questionable assumption. But the eighteenth-century liberal humanism its proponents called “free and catholick” contained a covert hubris, Perry Miller argues in his biography of Jonathan Edwards: by implying that … More AMERICA’S SACRED HUCKSTER IDEOLOGY

Here’s a little gem I found . . .

Thomas King Whipple gave Larry McMurtry the prefatory quote for the latter’s novel Lonesome Dove. BTW why is the four-part TV version so uplifting and the print novel utterly despairing (everybody is emotionally destroyed by the novel’s end, utterly prevented from realizing their deepest desires; one suspects that Captain Call will soon blow his brains … More Here’s a little gem I found . . .